Real Pentagonal cause the dismissal of Levante coach

Levante club announced today the sacking of Spanish coach Jose Luis Mendilipar because of the poor results of

5 Solutions for Wenger to compensate Ozil injury

French manager to Arsenal Arsene Wenger Looking for quick solutions to compensate for the position of German international Mesut Ozil playmaker, which it is expected to miss the player out of action until the end of the year due to injury partial tear in the left hamstring.
British Newspaper "Mirror" developed 5

Ancelotti... quietly compelling crises

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti continued the policy of calm that he believes this season, although the team was subjected to a small crisis at the beginning of the season.
Real Madrid suffered lapses quick represented a loss Spain Cup Super, and after falling in front of Real Sociedad 2-4 and Atletico Madrid 1-2, but Royal team rose after it rained nets of Basel and

Permanent conflict between Ronaldo and Messi... and Barcelona lifeless outside Spain

In every era of Ages exists Extraordinary stars leave true imprint through history with football where the period in which they carry with them their participation in the games, it in turn carries with it the sparkle and creativity, which overlooks with views of these stars, but when these stars belong to clubs conflicting and competing largely the vision is very different than it is where the fans of each team see their star that the only undisputed hence conflict is produced and the race never ends.
Perhaps this is the case with Ronaldo and Messi, who exist in our era, but they belong to two conflicting team prevailing tension in between the fans where that conflict was made between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​who moved in turn to both players, which is experiencing every game for the Real Madrid and Barcelona stars a new record between goals and appearances and other but the conflict remains bubbling and going on the race of the best?! From the most skill?! From the rightful Golden Ball and other comparisons that revolves between the Real Madrid and Barcelona stars constantly, but when we look at it in a different way, we will find that we as fans lucky the presence of two stars such as Ronaldo and Messi in our time They add a touch of creativity and beauty in every match participate in, Far from the vision one and only star. we find that both stars deserve praise, both have creativity on the pitch, and enjoy it should not be considered by the fans of the two teams for any of the two stars as an enemy in order to continue the creativity that longed for him all the followers of football, but that does not mean that both the two stars will not continue in the race to reach for the best, because any player always looks for preference, but we must be the beneficiaries of that as followers.
On the other hand let's address the issue overshadowed the Spanish sport dramatically during the last period, a separation of Catalonia from Spain and the problem facing clubs that belong to the province of Catalans, including Barcelona and Espanyol, where president of the Spanish football Tibas said that there will be no place for both teams in the Spanish league if the separation which will be considered final on the ninth of next month, where they were talking about the possibility of transmission of Barcelona to play in another league between the French league and Italian, and others, but the problem is greater than that , because if Barcelona moved already outside Spain, there wouldn’t be Barcelona because it will start again in different League this if we put the hypothesis that one of the leagues had welcomed already the Catalan club, although it was difficult, but not impossible, while the question is whether the time will be considered to Barcelona the same outlook that accompanies in La Liga, without thinking much I think it as a nightmare for Barcelona players before their fans because Barcelona is part of La Liga cannot live outside, so question of separation and the idea of ​​leaving Spain serves as a fatal blow for the Catalan club and therefore it is not likely to be done, but it will not exceed the media hype, Barcelona is key in La Liga as Benzema also said, who declined to be La Liga without Barcelona ?!

5 reasons confirm the survival of Cristiano Ronaldo for many years with Real Madrid

The English and Spanish newspapers and websites witnessed during the past few weeks about the large controversial case because the international player Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid star and his mysterious future with his team and whether he will continue to compete in the Spanish La Liga or will return to a competitor in the Premier League again.
the best player in the world has caused

7 fiery statements summarize the story of hatred between Mourinho and Wenger recalls the hottest 7 statements of both teams’ coaches and caused the sensitivities legacy between the Portuguese and French.
All of the Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho to Chelsea and Arsene Wenger Arsenal manager do not enjoy friendly relationship between the two over the years of the competition, which began in 2005, with the advent moment of Special One to Premier League football.

Facts about the second round of the Champions League 2014-2015

Barcelona exposed the first defeat after maintaining the cleanliness of the net to seven games.
Xavi tops the list of most players participating in the Champions League of 143 match.
Messi scored the 500 goal for Barcelona in the Champions League.
Terry enters the history of the Champions League involvement No. 100 against Sporting Lisbon..

Capital One surprises… Liverpool qualify difficulty and Arsenal fall at home

(14) 2 – 2 (13)
Liverpool won painstakingly over Middlesbrough on penalties (14-13) after the end of original and extra time of the game  to tie with two goals each, for the owners of the land qualify to the role of the 16 English League

Manchester United loses against Leicester City in the meeting knew radical changes

Leicester City
5 – 3
Man United

Manchester United overdoes three precious points after being defeated by host club Leicester City five goals against the three in a meeting witnessed a big stirring of both teams and after demons was advancing in the result with white two goals , which was held on Sunday afternoon on Walkers Stadium within the fifth round of

Van Gaal to announce his decision of Ronaldo

the Dutchman Louis van Gaal technical manager of Manchester United welcomes the prospect of the return of the Portuguese star Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo to the ranks of Man united newly, but he notes at the same time that it is unexpected.
Said Van Gaal tells reporters: "Ronaldo return to Manchester end of the season is not impossible and incoming, but I would not expect that the Royal club allows it."
He adds in a press statement: "This kind of deals are

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