10 best teams with offensive lines capable of destroying strongest defenses!

Bestfootballcoachs.com sheds light on the 10 most powerful offensive teams in various European leagues.

The season 2014-2015 approached to start in different leagues in old continent of Europe, and teams preparing to fight in competitions of the season and most of the teams backing rows before the closure of the summer transfer market, the second of September.
It was not the current summer transfer period hotter than previous seasons but has seen some firearms deals which may have a significant impact during the new season, including the transfer fee for Luis Suarez to Barcelona and James Rodriguez move to the Royal Real Madrid.
In this context, we review for you top 10 teams in the European continent have the offensive lines capable of making the impossible and conquer opposing defenses:

  1. 1.       Real Madrid :

Certainly World Cup top scorer James Rodriguez added a large force to attack of the club Real Madrid after he joined the team, coming from Monaco, also cannot ignore the best player in the world during the past year Cristiano Ronaldo and Welsh international Gareth Bale and striker Karim Benzema, to possess so coach Carlo Ancelotti firearm offensive line capable of resolving any match for him.
 2.       Barcelona :

Catalonian Barcelona succeeded during the summer current transfer window of contracting with leading strikers of the world during this time, Luis Suarez coming from Reds Liverpool who will be next to Lionel Messi and Brazilian Neymar da Silva Tri-Offensive Latin capable of making the difference in any game waged team.

3.       Bayern Munich :

Bavarian giants Bayern Munich did not sit idle, but was able to contract with the Polish international striker Robert Lewandovski player of Borussia Dortmund in excellent deal for the German team in light of the elements of a distinctive presence dramatically like Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery and wonderful Thomas Muller.

4.       Manchester City :

The reigning of English Premier League Manchester City has a distinctive assault battalion dramatically the presence of both the Argentine Sergio Aguero and Alvaro Negredo and Eden Dzeko and Stefan Jovetić  who managed to excel at all clubs of Premier league offensively during last season after it managed to score 102 goals.

5.       Liverpool :

Certainly cannot ignore the big difference that will make the departure of the international Uruguayan Luis Suarez the top scorer of both the team and the Premier League last season with 31 goals, but the team still has the distinctive offensive power by presence of both Daniel Sturridge and short clever Raheem Sterling and newcomers to the team Lazar Markovic and Ricky Lambert.

6.       Paris Saint-Germain :

Wealthy French club Paris Saint-Germain has one of the best strikers in the world in recent years, who are international player Zlatan Ibrahimovic and top scorer Edinson Cavani, as well as the Brazilian Lucas Moura and Argentine Ezequiel Lavezzi.

7.       Arsenal :

London team Arsenal comes in this list, thanks to having many of the distinctive offensive element like playmaker Mesut Ozil and striker Olivier Giraud and also cannot be ignored Alexis Sanchez coming from Barcelona beside the young brilliant Yaya Sanogo and who will force offensive characteristic for the team next season.

8.       Chelsea :

coach Jose Mourinho Suffered a lot during the last season of the offensive line, however, the Spanish international Diego Costa joins the team coming from The champion of La Liga Atletico Madrid will add offensive power characteristic of the Blues during the competitions of the new season and cannot ignore the role of both Eden Hazard and Oscar and Mohamed Salah as distinctive playmakers.

9.       Manchester United :

the Red Devils Manchester United Enabled to maintain bilateral offensive featured Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie, after the departure of coach David Moyes and the arrival of the veteran Louis van Gaal and who is able to show both players in a distinctive manner and method makes them offensive power serious in front of competitors.

10.   Juventus :

Old Lady Club Italian champions last season Juventus added to the line offensive newcomer Spaniard Alvaro Morata the former Real Madrid player and Carlos Tevez and Fernando Llorente and midfielders Paul Bugba and Arturo Vidal, who contribute significantly to the formation of offensive force for the team in front of competitors.

Vidal will sign with Man United but…

Strong news of English and Italian press Spread about the swap deal looming between both teams, Juventus, Manchester United, so the Chilean Arturo Vidal goes to the English team, while Mexican Javier Hernandez moves to represent Juventus.

The agent of Javier Hernandez refused to confirm or deny this news, he said, "I have no knowledge of what is said now, soon you'll find undoubted news "

The English Daily Mail saw words of business agent a signal to the presence of the negotiations, especially as the previous reports confirmed the fears of Louis van Gaal case of physical Vidal has gone, who underwent knee surgery two months ago. 

English press in general believes that this reciprocity transaction close, and Vidal affected by the departure of Antonio Conte much, since the latter is gone when they do not find there is an intention to strengthen the quality of the highest grades of the European competition, which Vidal also looking for him.

Juventus star has increased the power of the news appearing locations on the Manchester United shirt to one of the fans, which is what has been understood by the press as a welcome by-step transition, note that he refused the permit at any time by saying that he refuses to leave, while the words were always looking for I do not mind has of survival.

Node continuous... Borussia Dortmund Super Germany at the expense of Bayern Munich

Borussia Dortmund
2 – 0
Bayern Munich

Borussia Dortmund team won the German Super Cup in 2014, after a 2-0 win over Bayern Munich in the game, which was held on Wednesday at Stadium Signal Idona Park.

Borussia Dortmund win came thanks to two goals Henrik Mkhtarian (23 minutes) with a powerful shot, and Pierre Ombyanj header in the 62nd minute, thus to repeat his victory of last season at Bayern Munich in the Super Cup, which was 4-2.

Borussia Dortmund took part in the Super Cup in his capacity as runners of Bayern Munich in the German Cup, knowing that it was a runner of league championship as well, and yellow team was better throughout the meeting, injustice outweigh his speed and skills of its players, and raising the visibility of this superiority inconsistency of Bayern players with new Plan 3 -4-3, Guardiola resorted not to push the owners of experience  in the midfield but only the names of such young Contento and Rode and Bernat.

Were it not shinning of goalkeeper Manuel Neuer Borussia Dortmund would have been able to win with largest outcome, where it was ahead in all the lines, Bayern Munich player Robert Lewandowski did not appear to strongly against his former team in the first encounter, and had one chance but Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper shot it away.  

Loss of Bayern Munich in the meeting were not all, have doubled their loss with the injury to defender Javi Martinez of Spain in the first half hour of the meeting, which confirmed press reports that the player suffered a cut in the anterior cruciate ligament.

With this victory and carrying the title of the Super Cup, Borussia Dortmund equalized Bayern Munich record to carry this title, where the two teams are equal five titles each.

Rodgers knows how to succeed without Luis Suarez

Liverpool continues his big activity in the transfer market with the approach of contracting with Alberto Moreno left back Sevilla, who appeared tearful leaving  his colleagues in the Spanish team yesterday, as there is talk of strengthening the depth of the offensive line with new deal, to have this contract with a major player in life because team awaits the arrival of Belgian Origi loaned to Lille next season, making a lot of talk about Samuel Eto'o. 
Selling of Luis Suarez after the famous biting incident has made many wonder about the future of the Reds without the owner of the 31 goals in the league last season, to go out Coach Rodgers says the day "has gone, not weep upon this Liverpool and not a small team, now we will work to strengthen the squad with players hope of them evolution to be like him. " 
Look deep into Luis Suarez figures last season makes us understand that Rodgers knows through the current transfer market how to live without Luis Suarez, and he is a coach who is not affected by the lights of media and cries of the masses for  the number of goals, Luis is true scored 31 goals but came in 18 games from out of 38 appearances for Liverpool, and the team lost six encounters last season, 5 of which Luis was playing with the exception of a fall in front of Southampton 0-1 at Anfield, as well as the team tied in 6 games Suarez played 5 of them, while the goals of Louis the 31 directly contributed ten results positive for the team, either by winning or a draw, while the rest of the record eight games in which the team was able to win without goals.  
The above figures are what makes Brendan Rodgers very busy in this market by making who will move with the ball and make goals and does not score, Emery was an outstanding player in the midfield late, and Markovic and Alana are not scorer  but games makers with high quality, and support the defense Dejan Lovren ensures raise the quality line of defense who let down in some stages of last season.
The value of Luis Suarez for Liverpool last season were not the goals that he scores though is what attracted attention to it, but the importance of Uruguayan  for the team's ability to come back and move the ball and making opportunities, and the move allows for other teammates to reach the goal, the most important game of the season before slipping Gerard the win over Manchester City 3-2, that day Luis did not score any goal , but Coutinho kicked more than him in that game.
Liverpool now have weapons capable collectively compensate goals for Luis Suarez, and Rodgers added weapons to make opportunities and allow for others to score . The team includes Rahim Stirling and Sturridge and Coutinho and Lambert may continue with Fabio Borini or compensated by another player, it cannot be ignored expected addition from a player of the quality of Markovic, who is characterized by his ability to score and make opportunities  at the same time, even the Portuguese journalist Luiz Ferreira said about him on Liverpool official website, "I have never seen a player in Benfica as fast and skillful as Di Maria only Markovic, but he is faster than him by running with the ball."
This view is not just the opinion of one person offers this report, many analysts agree that the method of Suarez compensation carried out by Liverpool is the smartest and the best he can do.
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