Peter Vermes

Peter Joseph Vermes is former professional football player and current head coach of Sporting Kansas City in MLS.
Peter  was born in November 21, 1966 in Willingboro, New Jersey. He spent many years playing in Hungary, the Netherlands and Spain, then he established himself as the best defenders in MLS. He played with many clubs like MetroStars, Colorado Rapids, and the Kansas City Wizards.
Vermes represented his country at the 1998 Summer Olympics , the 1990 FIFA World Cup, and the 1991 CONCACAF Gold Cup.
Peter Vermes was selected to the U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame on April 4, 2013.
Playing career:
High School and college:
He grew up in Delran Township , New Jersey plying at Delran High School. Then when he graduated he played in college in his first year on the men’s soccer team at Loyola College in Maryland under the leading of head coach Bill Sento.
The he moved and played three years at Rutgers University from 1985 to 1987.
Vermes after graduating went to Europe , where he played in Hungary with Raba ETO FC in 1989, then he moved to the Dutch Eredivisie with Volendam in 1990.  And after one year in 1991 he returned to the United States where Vermes played three seasons scoring only one goal in the American Professional Soccer League with Tampa Bay Rowdies. After that Vermes moved to Spain to play in the Spanish Second Division with Figueres from 1991-to 1995.
As many good players he returned to the United States to play in the MLS in January 1995, he played with the New york Fever of the USISL playing games and scoring goals. Then he moved to the New Jersey MetroStars in the third round of the MLS and captained the team .
Then he moved to Kansas City Wizards doing his best in 2000. Vermes was recognized as the MLS Defender of the year . and he announced his retirement from playing career in the end of 2002 season.
International playing career:
He was not a star for the US national team but he was an important contributor for a period of time. He got his first cap against Columbia on May 14, 1988. Then he got 67 caps for the team in the 1988 Olympics , the 1990 World Cup and the 1991 CONCACAF Gold Cup.
Peter Vermes was named the 1998 U.S. soccer Athlete of the year and U.S. Olympic player  of the year.
He scored 6 goals for the U.S. Futsal team in 1989, in Rotterdam, Holland . Vermes ended his career with 11 caps and 7 goals.
Coaching career:
On November 15, 2006 Vermes signed with the Kansas City Wizards o be his head coach in the MLS . in addition to his work as a coach to the Kansas team he worked as a broadcaster for the San Jose Earthquakes and the technical director of coaching for the Blue Valley Soccer in Overland Park Kansas. He also was the assistant coach for the US under 20 national team.

With numbers ... Positive of Coach Simone more important than the rate of acquisition of the Catalans

Atletico Madrid
1 – 0

Atletico Madrid Achieved worthy victory over Barcelona in the second leg of the Round of 8 of the Champions League as numbers and statistics after the end of the game explained, which lead it the capital club fully and destiny was equally kind to the Catalan team, where the high result has been a highly improbable and proved sons of Argentine coach Diego Simeone that acquisition does not reflect the positive and do not necessarily lead to victory.
and Acquisitions as usual came in favor of the Catalans which the players owned ball by 64% compared to only 36% in favor of Atletico Madrid team, whose players gave a positive lesson and realistic and they were the most dangerous whenever they possessed the ball while only Barcelona team possessing the ball in most periods in the text of the stadium without positive and without a real threat to Atletico goal.  
Although Atletico Madrid acquisitioned on the ball most of half the time it acquired therein team Barcelona almost only that the players have to make repayment 14th goal on goalkeeper Pinto including 9 shots between the three chumps by 64.28%, while the only Barcelona players with 11 shot all of whom only 5 between the three chumps by 45.45% only, also it addressed the bar for three balls also for the capital club, a new indicator reflects the positive when possession of the ball and was influenced by his coach Argentine Simeone school Italian, where he spent most of his career as a player in Serie A and has trained a team of Catania is also several years ago. 
Passes were as usual is how reliable the Catalans in the building where the attacks passed for 737 players, including a pass of 575 pass valid while 78% passed the Atletico Madrid players to pass only 339, including 189 pass valid 56%.
In spite of the permanent seriousness of Atletico Madrid but the Barcelona defenders were very attentive at the monument where the offside trap they made it 4 times for Atletico players while the Catalan attackers have not located never offside trap.
enthusiasm and fitness Elements were one of the outweigh factors of Madrid where the players received 15 offenses and they run 110,303 Kilometers while Barcelona received 9 offenses and they run 107,773 Kilometers.

Martino joked: The first thing I do in the morning... I make sure I am still breathing!

Argentine coach Gerardo Martino coach Barcelona mocked from news that shook the Catalan club over the past months about the problems that accumulate on the club.

Martino said sarcastically, during a press conference before his team's scheduled match tomorrow against Real Betis in La Liga, "The first thing I'm doing now is to make sure I still breathe when I wake up in the morning."

And, following the problems one after the other on the Catalan club several months ago and was most recently the sentence imposed by the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) on the club days before depriving him of the inclusion of new players for the two transitions in a row because of the irregularities committed by the club in its contracts with players less than 18.

Despite this, Martino always seeks to keep the team away from these problems to provide the team a successful career in this difficult season.

He said, "There will not be an acceptable excuse. If we do not win a title, this would mean that our season was bad." 

He explained, "The first thing I'm doing now is to make sure I still breathe when I wake up in the morning .., if one starts to think in black hands, working will be hard on the football field."

Martino said the term "black hands" to the rumors about the existence of plots hatched against Barcelona beginning of a compact case with Brazilian striker Neymar da Silva and even the punishment of FIFA.

Martino added "Yes, it is the fact that there are many statements and comments. I wish not to be any of them are true. It happened to us many things. 

For Martino, "No one cares about excuses  ... we accept problems as a part of daily life in Barcelona. It’s not something strange about what we experience throughout the year."

Martino returned to speak ironically stressing that it is not to open his mouth and not talk about these things when he returns to Argentine.

Martino defended model training of Barcelona club, saying that the center or any other organization cannot achieve such strong results that emerge from this training model.

Pep - Mou Clasico most famous... and excellence went to Guardiola

A few hours on the global upcoming Clasico between Real Madrid "leader" and Barcelona "third" in the top 29 round of the football Spanish league we remember the two teams in the Clasico clashes during the whole decade, and particularly since the 2003-2004 season and even the current season (2013-2014) where the superiority of Barcelona by a large margin, whether at home, "Camp Nou" or on the playground of kings, "Santiago Bernabeu".
The duo Spaniard Pep Guardiola (former Barcelona coach and Bayern currently) and Jose Mourinho (former coach of Real and Chelsea now) were heroes of Clasico battles during several confrontations firearms Clasico and prevailed also to Guardiola's Barcelona, the same applies to the Messi of Barcelona, which is superior to Ronaldo during Clasico clashes.   
The newspaper "El Mundo Deportivo" in statistical of games poles Spaniards during the ten years (2004-2014) at the Bernabeu, which embraces today's game, where they played 15 Clasico 10 in the league and one game in the Champions League and two in the King's Cup and two in the Super Cup Spanish, Catalan club won seven games and tied in three, in contrast, was able to achieve Real only five wins at home against Barcelona in this decade.
in the Spanish league "La Liga" teams played 10 matches at the Bernabeu (in the last 10 years) Barcelona won in 5 games and lost 4 meetings and drawn one, and to detail Barca won twice with Rijkaard was the first 2-1 season (2003-2004) and the second 3 -0 season (2005-2006) and three victories with Guardiola was 6-2 in the first season (2008-2009) and the second 2-0 season (2009-2010) and also tied with Pep (1-1) in the 2010-2011 season.
In contrast, Real Madrid won three times over Frank Rijkaard (4-2) 2004-2005, and (2-0) in 2006-2007 and (4-1) in 2007-2008 to Tito Villanova (2-1 in 2012 - 13), in addition, the goals from Messi beat Barcelona in the semi-finals of the Champions League 2010-11 and 2-1 in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Spanish King's Cup 2011-12, and Madrid won 2-1 in the second leg of the Super Cup Spanish, in addition to two draws 2-2 in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup in 2011 and 1-1 in the first leg of the cup quarter-finals from 2012 to 2013.
Guardiola Exceed over Real Madrid and former coach Mourinho during direct confrontations by a large margin, which Pep battalion achieved against the Royal nine wins, four draws and two defeats in 15 face the official in various tournaments, scoring for players 33 goals, while conceded his team's 15 goals.
Mourinho faced Barcelona on 15 occasions, of which achieved a victory on three occasions and had seven defeats and a draw Dominated the five games, has also made the teams that took the advantage of coaching them 16 goals and 24 goals received.
Guardiola, a former team player, achieved a historical six titles in his first season with the Catalans, the outcome of 14 titles achieved by Pep during four seasons, including two titles in the Champions League, and managed Guardiola leadership team Barcelona in 247 official games, during which it posted proportion victories high reached 72.33% of the total games, and very few defeats by 8.7% of the total games.
On the other hand, Mourinho achieved during the three seasons he spent in Spain's King's Cup in his first season with The Meringues, starring the league in his second season and the Spanish Super Cup at the opening of last season.
Guardiola is the only coach who can be proud by winning all the possible titles in a single season (6 titles), in his first season with the Barcelona team, and achieved a proven track record titles numbered 14 titles in four years, Mourinho won the league in four different countries (Portugal, England, Italy and Spain), a feat not achieved by only Italian coach Giovanni Trapattoni, and in addition to that, did not stop to win trophies, since 2002 and until now, only in a single season.

Horror scenarios awaiting seniors of Europe... and Mourinho fears of two!!

If you are one of the faint-hearted, which do not bear the big excitement, at the same time a fan of eight greats in Europe, you are required not to pursue the draw for the quarter-finals of the Champions League which its ceremonies will be performed in Nyon, Switzerland.
Eight seniors who have succeeded in booking their seats in the biggest and most important tournament in the World Cup, the Spanish trio Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, and German duo champions Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund of Germany, and the English duo Chelsea and Manchester United, as well as Paris St Germain.
Procedures of the draw, Although it probably will not exceed ten minutes, but it will be ten minutes as a summit in excitement and grinds terrifying scenarios for eight senior, the reason behind it first is the great value for each team, and suffice it to say that six of them have already achieving the title, at the time remains the duo Paris Saint-Germain and Atletico Madrid, who have strong chances to achieve first title.
The second and most important reason is that the draw would not be directed, as happened in the draw for the first knockout round, but the draw will be open to all possibilities and difficult scenarios with the possibility of two teams of one country to face.
Scariest scenario will carry names both of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich on the grounds they were the most ready and best in Europe during this period, namely, the confrontation between the two will clash as a real final of the tournament, the draw will not be fair if this resulted in a confrontation.
The second nightmare scenario in the lottery is the Spanish Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona, and everyone knows the great value of this confrontation, which are usually most attention in the world, whatever the level of both.
It will not be less difficult to rivals if one occurred in the face of stubborn Atletico Madrid, the remarkable level domestic and European team, which has an ability to stand in front of the strongest teams.
Barcelona in turn feared scenario is more difficult if he faced by Bayern Munich, and perhaps sevenfold last year carried by the Blaugrana from the Bavarian giants in the semi-final of the tournament is not far away, at a time when Barcelona two more than it was last year.
Another side in this confrontation potential Bavarian Catalan, which they will be the first official confrontation between Guardiola and his former team, after they met in a friendly last summer and Bayern won under the leadership of Pep duality.

By mentioning Guardiola, the talk takes us to the arch-rival Jose Mourinho and everyone knows what happened between them when they were driving seniors of Spain, it is surly that "Mo" does not like to collide with Guardiola and Bayern again, at least at this stage, especially as he failed in the test of the European Super.
Mourinho feared another scenario, which is the face of Real Madrid for two reasons: first, the good level provided by the club these days, and the second is that it will be the first encounter between him and his former club And usually these confrontations carry sensitivity of a particular kind, especially since the Portuguese coach leaving Real at the end of a difficult season in which did not achieve any title.
Trio Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund will not be ordinary guests of private club Parisian of level featured during the last two years, comes after, but to a lesser extent English duo of German who are going through difficult circumstances somewhat contrary to what the duo were in recent years, but their names keep enough to put the opponent under pressure.
Observers of the Champions League will find that Spain has succeeded in maintaining the presence of three clubs in the quarter-finals for the second year in a row with the entry of Atletico replaced Malaga, and the same applies to the German duo Bayern and Prussia.
While duo Chelsea and Manchester United compensate absence from England quarter-finals last year, the absence of which came after a full 17 years, at a time when Italian clubs were absent for this role for the first time since the season 2008/2009.
On the other side of the draw for the European Union being the quarter-finals of the Europa League, which is determined by the features the final on Thursday evening after the end of the meetings knockout.
And it qualified for this role Juventus and Lyon, Valencia and Sevilla, Portuguese Porto and Benfica and FC Basel and AZ Alkmaar.